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Unraveling the belly lift vs tailbone tuck myth for safe yoga

I this post I'd like to debunk the myth of tailbone tucking in yoga asanas. Many yoga teachers use this cue without understanding the anatomy behind.

You probably heard your yoga teacher saying and now tuck your tailbone under. What did you do? Most likely the action you see on the photo below.

What happens if you tuck your tailbone under?

Tucking the tailbone can compress the vertebrae discs and shorten the back, which goes against the essence of effective yoga practice. There's widespread misunderstanding on this topic, and I'm here to guide you on how to do it correctly (see video below) - to prevent or alleviate lower back pain. It's crucial to engage your core in all active asanas.

But first, let's define the belly lift.

When you engage the lower belly, also known as the pit of the abdomen (the lower third portion of the rectus abdominis muscle), you lengthen the lumbar spine by actually lifting up the front of your pelvis, and that creates the space in the lower back. Our entire asana practice should prioritise spinal lengthening.

Tucking the tailbone, on the other hand, compresses the lumbar spine discs, leading to tension and pain in the back - in the long run.

Want to experience it firsthand?

Take a friend, place something on their head (like a yoga pad or a book), try both movements. and see what happens. When you tuck your tailbone under (or watch your friend doing it) you become shorter, when you lift the bottom of the belly, you become longer. Keep in mind, lifting the lower belly takes practice, so it might not come easily at first. But that's what we're striving for.

For detailed instructions check out the video - and remember to subscribe on the channel.

Let me know if you feel any difference.

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