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Pruna Yoga: Online joogatunnit taustakuva

At Purna Yoga Helsinki, we are dedicated to helping our clients live healthier and happier lives through the practice of yoga. Our online yoga service offers a variety of classes, ranging from all level morning and evening classes, soothing restorative yoga, and meditation. We aim to create a safe and welcoming space for everyone, so come and join us from the comfort of your home.

Our Online
Yoga Classes

Our Online Yoga Specialties

Online Yoga Classes:
Align & Shine - Live Stream

Welcome to our Align&Shine classes.


Discover balance in your body and mind with a nurturing Purna Yoga practice that combines postures, breath, a guided meditation, and a quiet relaxation. With Purna, it’s all about empowering you to explore, express, and align with your true self.



Online Yoga Classes: G'Morning Practice - Live Stream

Good Morning from your living room.

The G'Morning practice includes a series of exercises to help strengthen and balance the body. We work with a variety of postures, inversions and twists to help detoxify and release the spine.  We aim to bring joy and vibrancy to your mornings, leaving you feeling energized and ready for the day ahead.



Online Yoga Classes: Soothing Evening Practice - Live Stream

Welcome if you are tired and need an energy boost for the end of the day.

Come experience the healing and empowering effects of Purna Restorative Yoga similar to Yin yoga. Our classes combine traditional practices with modern insights to provide maximum restorative benefits, so you can relax and restore body, mind and heart. 


Online Yoga Classes: Heartfull Meditation - Live Stream

A meditation from the heart

If you’re looking to reduce stress and connect with your inner wisdom, Heartfull® Meditation classes provide an effective and empowering way to do just that. With practical tools and techniques designed to strengthen your natural intuition and create a protective energetic shield around you, Heartfull® Meditation is the perfect choice for a healthier, happier you.



Online Yoga Classes: Prenatal Yoga - Recorded Class Library

If you're searching for a safe and caring place to become more centered and grounded during your pregnancy and childbirth journey, look no further than Prenatal Yoga at Purna Yoga Helsinki. Through gentle breathing and postures, you will be provided with a calming presence and the confidence to face the upcoming physical and emotional changes that come with the arrival of your baby. Our experienced instructors guide you through a range of stretches, postures and breathing exercises, which are specifically tailored for the different trimesters and stages of your pregnancy. We provide experienced, sensitive and individualized care to ensure you can make the most out of this special time of your life.



Online Yoga Classes: Postnatal Yoga - Recorded Class Library

Welcome to Postnatal Yoga


– the perfect way to restore your physical balance and strength after a baby is born. Our classes are designed to work with the postnatal recovery period and recognize the importance of gentle rehabilitation, with focus on relaxation and realignment after birth. With a combination of restorative poses, strengthening exercises and breathing techniques, Purna Postnatal Yoga can give you the tools to recover from your pregnancy and prepare your body for motherhood.



Online Yoga Classes: Lifestyle Class -
No asana

Bi-weekly Lifestyle Class for Healthy Living with Nicola


Welcome to our series of lifestyle classes dedicated to promoting holistic well-being through the integration of nutrition, ancient yoga philosophy with the latest information on health. These classes are designed to empower you with practical knowledge and strategies for cultivating a healthy lifestyle that nourishes the mind, body, and soul.


Wednesdays at 19:30 VIRTUAL LIVE CLASS - NO ASANA


PRICE: 23€ or use your membership/package

Pruna Online Yoga Classes: Woman meditating with online yoga class

How to join

1. Sign up for a class (ideally 1 hour before the class starts). The payment can be done via our web store.

2. You will be sent a zoom link 15-30 min before class start. Please check your spam if you haven’t received the link.

3. Download the ZOOM app on your computer, pad or phone. It is easy and free.

4. Turn on your video and sound. We love'd to connect with you.


We are happy to send you a recording of any class you wish, just sign up for the class and if you don't join "live" you will automatically receive the class recording valid for 3 days.

The recording is the same price as attending a class.

Every participant receives the recording.

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What a unique place!

"I've practiced and visited many yoga studios in Europe, but Purna Yoga Helsinki was love at first sight. Really enjoyed the wall yoga classes and the team behind Purna is really kind and supportive."


Maria N. Amsterdam

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