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Frequently Asked

Our Frequently Asked Questions section provides answers to the most common inquiries about our yoga studio. Here you can find out more about our online classes, studio classes, memberships, how to book and buy a gift card, and how to cancel a booking. We also provide information on what to bring to each class. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



Are your classes in English?

Yes all our classes are held in English, we have a very international community. However many Finns are our clients. If you only speak Finnish some of our teachers are local and will help you in your own language.  We also speak, Swedish, Spanish and German.


Which classes are suitable for beginners?

If you are a beginner, we recommend starting with Purna Basics classes. You can start yoga and participate in our classes at any time. Suitable classes for beginners also include calmer yoga classes such as gentle yoga, restorative yoga and the Happy Friday class. During these lessons, you will get in touch with a yoga practice through soothing physical exercise.


Which classes are suitable while pregnant?

In principle, we always recommend prenatal yoga during pregnancy, there are weekly classes for 2nd and 3rd trimester and you can drop in to those anytime. However, if you already have a yoga background, you can join our weekly classes as you please. In this case we recommend gentle and or basics classes. You can also attend restorative classes. Be aware as during and after pregnancy the body’s supporting tissues are naturally more loose.


How do I prepare for a yoga class?

No special preparation for the lessons is required. However, we recommend eating well in advance of the start of the class. Eat about 1-2 hours before your arrival to the class. Do take a bottle for sipping water through the class.


What do I need to bring to the studio?

Wear comfortable clothing. Take a yoga mat if you own one. We also have mats at the studio, they are part of the 3x intro offer and drop in class. After that we rent them for 2€ per class. Yoga is done barefoot, anyhow bring warm clothes for the relaxation. 


How does the booking work?

You need to sign up to reserve your place. Classes can always be booked for the current day and way ahead in the future. Please sign up in good time since some classes may fill or other classes may be cancelled due to not enough participants.

How do I know if I got a spot from the waiting list?

If you have received a spot to the class form the waiting list, you will receive an e-mail. You must check your spam for it. If you didn’t get an email check your account on Mindbody and it will show your booking. Unfortunately, it is not possible to send text messages about free spots.


What if I'm a few minutes late for the class?

We do hope you arrive on time. The reception always opens 15-30 minutes before the class. If you are late wait outside the door until you hear the mantra and OM, after that ring the door bell. 


What if I cancel my booking?

Until 3 hours before the class you can cancel your booking anytime. After the free cancellation window closes (3 hours before class start), your card will be automatically charged. In case of sickness or any emergency send us an email and you won’t be charged.


How can I buy a gift card?

Gift cards can be purchased through our online store. Use this link

How do I register for the class?

You can register for the class through our website. You can pay for the class in advance on our webpage with your existing yoga card or by redeeming a one-time visit , a package, or a monthly card. You can also pay upon arrival for the class. Just register as unpaid.


How do I cancel my registration?

You can cancel your registration by logging in to your Mindobody account. Please note that cancellations must be made in time for you to do so free of charge. You can cancel your registration free of charge 3 hours before the start of a class.

Can I buy a shared yoga card for myself and my spouse?

The card can be shared, just reserve for your spouse via Mindbody. Except  if you have the monthly card or membership, which is valid for one person only. 


I would like to pay a part of the purchase with sports benefits, is that possible?

Yes this is possible. You can use Smartum, Eazybreak , Epassi and Edenred, if you have it via mobile you can do the payment anytime and send us an email and we will add the pass to your account. If you have a card or vouchers you have to pay at the studio.


I can't get my gift card redeemed, what should I do? 

Please redeem the card when you arrive for the first class. You can skip the payment phase when booking classes, just register as unpaid.


My card expired and I didn’t have time to use it all.

No worries. You can purchase the fill in option which is 5€ per class. Depending how many classes you have left you get another 1-2 months to use the fill in classes.


I was injured and I can’t attend classes for a moment, can I freeze the card?

Of course. We always freeze cards with a doctor’s note. Please send a message to:





Can I use the same card for online yoga sessions as for studio sessions?



Do I need my own equipment?

Yes, you will need a yoga mat or some sort of carpet to practice on. You can replace a yoga block with books. Any belt or scarf works as a yoga belt, and pillows can be used as a bolster. But if you take your home practice serious we recommend to get yoga blocks and a yoga belt.


I didn't get a link in my email, what do I do?

We will send the link to the online class about 10-15 minutes before the class begins. If you haven’t received the link yet, please check your spam. Please note that it is important to register for the class no later than 15 minutes before the start of the class so that your email address is registered for the link mailing list. If you haven’t got the email for the live link you will receive the recorded class afterwards valid for 3 days.


The live class is interrupted

When live streaming there is a small risk that something might not go as planned. If the connection is lost we will try to send a new link. We will always return the yoga session to you if you have not been able to enjoy your yoga class due to our technical problems.


I didn't get to join the class, can I do the lesson later?

If you are signed up for a class but haven’t attend live you will automatically receive the recording afterwards. It will be available for viewing for 3 days. 

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