Purna Yoga 200- hour Yoga Teacher Training

Purna Yoga 200- hour Yoga Teacher Training

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28. October 2022 at 18:30

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Our yoga teacher training RYT200 has been approved by Yoga Alliance, which is a world wide organisation setting standards for teacher trainings and involved in the continued education of teachers. Everyone who successfully graduates from our training is eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance as a RYT200 yoga instructor. Being registered with the YA is often a prerequisite for teaching abroad.

Purna Yoga College – RYS 200 Certificate

Welcome to the training starting on January 6th 2023

This course is taught in English by RYT500 Purna Yoga teacher Nicola Moberg
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For the upcoming training, we will meet 2,5 days each time, on Friday afternoons for 4 hours and 8 hours on Saturdays and Sundays, altogether 9 weekends.

6-8 January

27-29 January

10-12 February

10-12 March

31 March-2 April

21-23 April

12-14 May

26-28 May

16-18 June

The Purna Yoga College offers the most holistic and detailed yoga teacher training course available. Created by world-renowned yoga masters Aadil Palkhivala and Savitri, the college teaches how to live and teach yoga and meditation from the heart. Learn asana, pranayama, meditation, nutrition, applied philosophy, anatomy and physiology, speaking and presentation skills, teaching methodology and class control, adjustments, basic therapeutics, business and marketing, ethics, and much more. A 300 page manual written by Aadil Palkhivala is included in the price.

At the 200-hour Level you gain the knowledge, confidence and awareness that is essential for becoming an alignment-based yoga instructor. The course covers the foundational curriculum of Purna Yoga—alignment-based asana and pranayama, meditation, nutrition and applied yogic philosophy. You will emerge with the ability to teach a variety of classes; the confidence, caring and compassion that keeps your students safe and growing; and the inspiration that makes yoga a powerful tool for transformation.

Be prepared to fall in love with your own personal yoga and meditation practice as well, since Purna Yoga awakens the joy of living from the heart.

As you learn the foundational curriculum, you will also explore:

Anatomy and physiology of asana and pranayama

How to see and understand bodies and give hands-on adjustments

The benefits and contraindications of asana and the use of props

How to deal with student’s injuries and health conditions

The energetics of centering your mind and awakening your intuition

Delivery, presentation and class control, especially in teaching beginners

How nutrition and a yogic lifestyle affects your students, your teaching and life

Ethics, business, and the professional and energetic boundaries of teaching

How to apply timeless yogic philosophy to your classes and your daly life

Prerequisites to start the yoga instructor course:

Applicants must have an established yoga asana practice (at least one year of 2 – 3 classes a week in alignment-based yoga – any yoga system that emphasizes the alignment of the body in asana)  prior to beginning the program. The strength of this foundation will support the entirety of the Teacher Training program.

What previous students say about the training:

Purna Yoga’s yoga instructor course has been an amazing and formative experience! The training is thought through and is well structured, it allows you to dive deep into the pillars of Purna Yoga: asana and pranayama, Heartfull® Meditation, lifestyle and nutrition, and philosophy. It provides you with the toolkit to teach yoga in an integral manner, or simply to deepen your knowledge for your own practice. From a teaching perspective, thanks to the course I also learned about adjustments, safety and anatomy applications in yoga which are extremely important to deliver the best benefits of yoga to students. What made it more wonderful was the group dynamics and energy of like-minded people – such an enriching experience – and most of all the teachers, Nicola and Laura, for their knowledge, professionalism and dedication! If you are looking for a comprehensive teacher training course in a welcoming and supportive environment don’t look any further, Purna Yoga Helsinki is the place for you!

Natasha Shuqom, Purna Yoga College Graduate March 2021

“I acquired an extremely solid foundation to start my path as a yoga teacher and this gave me confidence and the exact kind of knowledge I felt I needed to start teaching yoga. I learned the purpose of the asanas, and the construction of them from the inside out. I had practiced yoga before but now I feel like my asana practice is a transcendental experience because I get to dive deep inside of it, guide my own body from the joints to the muscles to opening and strength, so it becomes like a meditation, an experience of full awareness and vitality. I also learned how to get in contact with my heart. This was a very vague concept for me, and now I have tools to access a universe inside of me. I learned how to be a “professional” in the yoga world, how to teach in a way that is aligned with my values, and thus how to be abetter human being. I learned tools to set my life in such a way that my life can flow more easily and create space for the deeper gifts I have to give to the world and inthis life. These tools enable me to struggle less, to nourish my body daily instead ofhinder it, so I have space, time and energy to love, to be present, and to life a deeperpurpose in my life.

Jessica Braescia, 200-hour Purna Yoga Graduate 2021

Welcome, my name is Nicola and I am your teacher for the 200h teacher training. It’s a pleasure to talk to you today and why I think that everyone at some point in their life would benefit from a teacher training. Even though it’s called a 200h teacher training, it is much more than becoming a yoga teacher. Because becoming a yoga teacher requires change, and that change and insight on what to change in life you get in this training. I would almost call it a self development training.

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