Good morning Friday with this Meditation Asana class combination!

Early morning is one of the greatest times of the day to meditate and practice yoga, since the mind is more quiet. We’ll start this 75 min class with 30 minutes of meditation and move to a physical practice as a moving meditation.

Meditate and Shine is for all students interested in practicing yoga and meditation as a way to connect more deeply with their the inner smile.

To prepare for the live stream online class:

Have a mat ready, if you have props use them or take a blanket to sit on.
Wear comfortable clothes.
See that the room you are in has fresh air and is clean. Put your phone on airplane mode.

15- 30 minutes before the start you received a link to join the zoom “meeting” (class) be ready at least 5 minutes before so you are all ready and logged in.
Wait for the meeting to start. The teacher will greet you and then mute all so there are no distracting sounds. It would be ideal if you could have your camera on so the teacher can see what you do. For this to work be focused, it is all about listening so you don’t need to look. Focus on yourself. We teachers will make sure to be as clear as possible.
After the class we can still chat, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.




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