Upside down – the best place to be

Upside down – the best place to be

with Nicola Moberg –

Saturday 19. October 2019 15:00- 18:00

Yoga-asana is one of the few forms of exercise which promote the practice of inversions. They are the most important positions according to yoga. Inversions stimulate and balance the five major systems of the body and among other things do this:

  • Immune system – keeps illness away
  • Circulatory system – delivers nutrients to cells
  • Endocrine system – for good hormonal balance
  • Digestive system – makes the gut function
  • Respiratory system – free breathing

Inversions give the body a break from the effects of gravity. They give the upper body a chance to be flushed with blood which benefits the lungs and brain and allow the body to move toxins into the circulation and out of the body.

In this workshop you’ll experience different forms of inversion using the strength of your own body and the help of the yoga wall.

Please be aware of any contraindications like epilepsy or a recent stroke or if you suffer from glaucoma or had a recent eye surgery. Also, high blood pressure and any heart conditions, acid reflux and hiatal hernia are contraindicated. As well as if you are menstruating.

Price: 50€



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