Surya Namaskar Intensive Mini-Workshop

Surya Namaskar Intensive Mini-Workshop

with Gabriel Maldonado

Sunday 26. January 13:00- 15:00

Let’s greet the sun and bring energy with the timeless series that works the whole body.In this short workshop you will learn the history of Surya Namaskar, the reasons why it benefits your body so much. We will go through 27 rounds of it in order to wake up the body, enjoy its benefits and stimulate the lymphatic system through sweating. This vigorous practice is open to all levels of experience and it doesn’t require you to complete the 27 rounds. You can do as many as you can.

We will finish the class with spinal traction and hanging at the wall, as well as a deeply restorative shavasana to integrate all the work done.

Welcome to come and enjoy!


Price: 40€



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