Heartfull Meditation Workshop

Heartfull Meditation Workshop

with Tove Palmgren

Sunday 29. March 13:00- 15:00

The creator of Heartfull Meditation, Savitri, is a meditation, breathing and lifestyle teacher who helps people transform physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks so that they can live from their heart. Through the exceptional techniques Savitri created, people all around the world are growing, transforming, and living from intuition, conscience, morals, integrity, which all reside in the heart.Based on these techniques, Tove is offering a workshop which will be part discussion, part lecture and part meditation. We will go over some simple techniques, easy to learn and use, which when practiced, will help you find a way to having a more centered mind, better concentration, become less affected by what is going on around you, feel safe and held, open your heart and find the link to your inner voice – your intuition – which will help you make better decisions.

It is the way to finding more love in your life. A way to find love for yourself first and then finding it for others.

No prior experience of yoga or meditation is required.

Price: 50€



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