Prices and schedule

Prices and schedule


3X FIRST TIME CARD (valid 1 month) + yoga mat 42€
DROP-IN CLASS + yoga mat 23€
1 MONTH PASS (1 month unlimited) 135€ / 125€*
20x CARD (valid 6 months) 260€ / 245€*
10x CARD (valid 3 months) 148€ / 138€*
10x CARD PRE-POSTNATAL (valid 4 months) 148€ / 138€*
5x CARD (valid 2 months) 83€ / 78€*
PRIVATE CLASS 90 minutes 95€
PRIVATE CLASS 120 minutes 125€
SPECIAL OCCASION 2-5 persons 175€
SPECIAL OCCASION 6-10 persons 250€

* Lower price if you are a student, on maternity leave, unemployed or a senior.

Rent a yoga mat for 2€ per class or store your mat at the studio for 5€ per month.



Upon first arrival, please call +358 503755078 or check the Welcome to Purna Yoga Helsinki email for more information.


Purna Yoga Helsinki accepts:

All cards, bank transfers or cash or VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE

IBAN FI15 1544 3000 0484 34

You can also pay with:

Smartum liikuntaseteli / kulttuuriseteli / saldo, epassi. Ticket Mind&Body, Virikeseteli and Wellness wallet.

*not for discounted prices


All our classes are in English! Besides the kids yoga class on Sundays which is in Finnish.

Please sign up for a class appropriate to your level. Once registered and signed up come to the studio at least 10 minutes before the start of a class. We ask you kindly not to ring the doorbell if there is still a class going on, you are welcome to enter earliest 20 minutes before class start.

If you are completely new to yoga it can be a good idea to start with a beginners class.


Choose the class you wish to come and click “Sign up now” which takes you directly to our booking system.

If you don’t have a valid monthly, 10, 5 or 3 times card go to the online store and purchase your membership or series, it will take you to the mindbody site where you find the online store.

If you want to pay by cash or with sports vouchers please click “register as unpaid” when you choose your class.

ATTENTION: If you are using the mindbody app you can buy a yoga card by choosing “prices”, from there it will take you to the online store.


  1. Entry is possible at any time.
  2. The 5x and 10x cards can be transferred to another person.
  3. The Month passes are not transferable.
  4. Unless there are class cancellations due to teacher training and workshops, cards can’t be prolonged.
  5. No show, or late cancellations (less than 3 hours prior to class) will automatically be charged from the cards.
  6. If your card has expired you are welcome to continue using it with an extra charge of €5 per class. The card will then get another 1-2 months validity. This benefit will continue up to 6 months after the correspondent expiry date. The card can only be reactivated once.
  7. If due to sickness or an accident you were not able to come to the studio, please let us know with a medical attendance report and we will be happy to extend your existing card for that period of time.
  8. Price changes as well as changes in the timetable may be carried out at any time without further notice.
  9. The studio may ask replacement teachers to substitute classes.
  10. There is no entitlement for a refund.
  11. We disclaim any liabilities as a result of accidents, injury or a disease, the loss or theft of valuables, money, clothes etc. Insurance is in the concern of the students.
  12. The conditions can be changed at any time without further notice.


  • We will refund the full price if the cancellation is made up to 30 days prior to the course
  • We will refund 50% of the price if the cancellation is made up to 29-15 days prior to the course
  • Cancellations after 14 days or less will only be returned with a medical certificate. However a customer may acquire another participant

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