​HEARTFULL™ MEDITATION created by Savitri, cofounder of Purna Yoga

Have you ever wondered if there is more to life than meets the eye? Begin the journey into your inner world by learning the Heartfull™ Meditation Snacks. This is healthy snacking, as you learn techniques to center the energy of the mind, awaken the Heart Center, and surround the body with light and love. The Snacks allow you to meditate whenever the time or mood fits – in short bites, or, if you put all the Snacks together, in a longer meal. These techniques are simple and accessible – even those who never thought they could meditate feel the difference. With practice, Heartfull™ Meditation Snacks have the power to transform your experience of being alive.

Heartfull™ Meditation Snacks help you open your Heart Center to connect with light and love. Unlike other forms of meditation, there is not an initial attempt to quiet the mind. Instead, the mind’s gifts of concentration and imagination are used to focus on the light in the Heart Center, the home of your spirit in your body. Once the Heart Center starts to open and your connection to your spirit becomes stronger, your body and your life begin to heal and return to wholeness. This process unfolds as you deepen your meditation practice.

Heartfull™ Meditation classes and courses at Purna Yoga Helsinki
Deepen your meditation practice with Heartfull™ Meditation Snacks classes. During each class you will refine the Heartfull™ Meditation Snacks while putting them together for a longer meditation. You will focus your mind, gather your innate energy, connect with your inner wisdom and surround yourself with love and light leaving class inspired to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Meditation class on Thursday’s at 9:00- 10:00


Meditation card 6x 95€ valid for 2 months, or use your 10x or 5x card (not for unlimited offers)



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