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3 Steps to Healthy Eating Habits

Once you begin to do asana you feel that your body is purified you want to give only the best nutrients back. Once you start having a regular meditation practice your intuition will start speaking to you you will naturally choose clean and supporting food.

How you should oxygenate, hydrate and alkalise your body
3 steps to healthy eating habits

Healthy living has become trendy these days which is great. In the old yoga where the purification of the body meant to have a purified mind, today we often think about eating healthy as a way to keep illness away.

There is so much about nutrition, but hey, we have to start somewhere. Here are some simple rules we can apply to nourish our bodies in the best possible way.

To increase your level of health start to make these 3 simple healthy eating habits that promote oxygenation, hydration, and alkalinity in the body. No disease can exist when these three elements are present.

  • Oxygenation: Just breathing is not enough. There is about 30% less oxygen in the air today than 150 years ago. These are some ways to increase oxygen levels in the body besides the practice of pranayama. Consume deep green leafy vegetables, sprouts, citrus fruits and berries.

  • Hydration: Brain capacity and metabolic processing slows with dehydration. Water is a cleanser on its own. For hydration, add something to the water so that it is absorbed by the body, like a little lemon juice, a piece of cucumber or some electrolytes. Hydration keeps the mind sharp.

  • Alkalinity: Maintaining a balanced PH is one of the most important things we can do to enjoy vibrant health and avoid disease. The food with the highest alkalinity is wheatgrass and kelp seaweed, also avocado and broccoli are great ways to stay on the alkaline side.

All the foods you eat should be clean, free of pesticides, herbicides and other common chemicals found in our food today. Choose organic when possible. “Do what you can and smile at the rest” - Aadil Palkhivala

Maybe this is a start? Don’t stress and start little by little.

It’s better to leave something “bad” away then to start obsessing about what to add.

I challenge you right now. What are the foods you know don’t support health and vibrancy? Leave one or two of them away for the next 21 days. Then see what happens, you may have no more craving for them. And here you can start introducing that which is “good” for you. Again, take baby steps and see how it feels.

Let me know in the comments which are the foods you are going to let go, and which are the ones you will introduce.

Enjoy the journey of living conscious.

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