Joogafestival 2021

by Nicola Moberg

VIRTUAL – Purna Yoga Teaser

Why should you choose a complete yoga system?

What is the difference between a yoga style and a yoga system with a lineage? 

When does yoga asana become yoga as in its traditional form?

Questions and more questions.

If you want more than just a good stretch from your yoga practice, Purna Yoga is for you. Having said that, we love stretching the body because it effects the way we think and feel. Same goes with strengthening the body because we can only endure our daily tasks with enough energy.

What else do we do in Purna Yoga?

  • We meditate! BUT we don’t sit in meditation and try to still our minds, we are using our mind and body to actively work towards a certain goal, and that is the connection to our hearts. Heartfull Meditation as taught in Purna Yoga is a dynamic form of meditation and gives you a chance to get to know yourself better.
  • We apply the ancient philosophy of yoga and make it useful for what is relevant in our every day life.
  • We care for nutrition which is pure and support our yogic lifestyle by making choices to align the rest of the yoga.
  • We do asana yes, and we do it precisely, at PYH we teach alignment based asana for it’s health benefits, for focusing the mind and for strengthening the nervous system.

Would you like to know more?

Join Nicola for an Online Purna Yoga teaser.

In this online class get to know Purna Yoga and hear why it’s beneficial to practice from a yoga system with a lineage. We will do a small meditation and asana practice so you feel how Purna yoga feels in your body and mind, whether you come to the studio or you practice virtually with us in the future. Please wear comfortable clothing! This class can be watched recorded every day during the entire time of the virtual festival.


JOOGAFESTIVAL 6.- 13.3 2021

Saturday 16- 17 LIVE

Sunday 17- 18 REC

Monday 16- 17 REC

Tuesday 19- 20 REC

Wednesday 18- 19 REC

Thursday 17- 18 REC

Friday 17- 18 REC

Get your discount for a 3x online card between 3.- 13. March 2021




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