Level 1 classes are ideal for beginners, they guide you slowly through many basic yoga asanas. While it is suitable for beginners, it is also for those working with an injury (tell the teacher first!) and more seasoned practitioners. Many advanced students return again and again to a beginners class to work on the finer points of alignment in basic postures. Focus will be on safety and alignment, and making the beginner more comfortable and familiar with common yoga postures, series and sequences.

LEVEL 1 -2

Level 1 – 2 classes are for advanced beginners and everyone who has attended Level 1 classes. The teacher assumes familiarity with the basics and remember some of the Purna Yoga sequences. If you have practiced another style of yoga before you are welcome to this class as well.


Level 2 classes are for intermediate students and they assume a working knowledge of yoga. Your teacher expects the student to understand and execute the basic points of alignment, even if modifications are taken in it. The postures are taught with refinement on the basics, to begin to work with the energetics of the asana. The class might proceed a little bit quicker than a beginners class but time will still be spent working in each pose (unless in a Flow class).


A mix of everything from above! In classes which are marked as “All” every level of practitioner is welcome.


If you are a seasoned practitioner looking for a class in which to grow in all aspects of your practice then this Level 3 class is for you. The class is physically more challenging and requires a foundational knowledge of the asana. Opened to experienced students with instructor permission and those who have graduated from our 200-hour or 500-hour teacher training.

If you are interested to join this class, please contact [email protected]


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