Why a dynamic form of meditation

by Nicola Moberg

…might be a better choice for new meditators Honestly, even after years of practicing yoga I was still struggling with meditation. After all meditation is a big part of yoga and to actually live yoga (as a yoga teacher) one must have a meditation practice. I just could not understand how one can stop thinking, what is the approach to actually not to hear ones thoughts anymore? So I tried many different meditations, many different schools and none of them really worked, even if I gave an effort. For a while I just gave up on it. Until I found Heartfull Meditation (heartfull written on purpose with two l’s) by Purna Yoga co-founder Savitri. This meditation was a game changer, because it taught me that I do not at all have to stop thinking, but what I need to do is to learn to focus my mind and thoughts. And focusing my mind was already part of my yoga asana practice. I also learned that instead of “not thinking” I am actually using my mind to go into meditation. I was taught to use my imagination. The goal of meditation is not only to still the mind, even though that’s a great benefit in our noisy world, but to use the mind to create what you want in your life. Meditation should always have a purpose and in Heartfull Meditation we are taught to access the voice in the heart, to listen to our intuition, to be more kind, loving and caring. In the long run being in touch with our souls in the bigger picture. So how does this dynamic meditation work? Magic Button: As a beginner you will be taught to connect to your heart centre, which is a spot on the sternum at the level of the armpits. Imagine a ball of white light inside your chest, touching the heart centre with the right middle finger, gently massage. Connect to a beautiful feeling, or a feeling of gratitude or some feeling that makes you feel good. Do this for 5 minutes. You will also be taught the mental centring technique as one of the other “meditation snacks”. The idea is to move the energy of the mind into the heart. So instead of not thinking we are using the gifts of the mind and offer them to the light in the heart so that it can guide us. Mental Centring: Place your slightly cupped hands to the sides of your head and be aware of your thoughts. On an exhalation move the energy of the mind together between your palms until they touch in front of your eyes. Inhale there, as you exhale move the mind (you just gathered) down through the sushumna nadi (ray of light) into the heart centre. Repeating this for 5-10 minutes you will feel how your mind becomes more calm and your focus and feeling is on the heart. There are many more meditation snacks as part of Heartfull Meditation and as you practice this you will begin to be able to create what you really want. A calm and focused mind is an absolute start, with a connection to the heart even better.

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