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by Nicola Moberg

Sri Aurobindo said “All life is yoga”! How can you live yoga all the time? Generally, you spend an hour or two on the mat or you do your thirty minute meditation practice, but living, you do all the time. Bring your yoga into life and not your life into yoga.

The first things I learn on my mat is to observe how I move my body and how the breath is flowing, while doing that I create more awareness. Through this awareness I start making different choices, choices about the things I do. I look at habits and throw them out if they don’t work, I do the things which intuitively feel right.

No no’s in Purna Yoga, I wish someone would’ve told me before I had to find them out for myself. And easy, the more sensitive and aware you become the more these make sense.

Non-organically grown foods are sprayed with nasty toxins like pesticides and herbicides, those chemicals are damaging the body, choosing organic whenever possible is the best choice. We also avoid cosmetics and cleaning products which contain parabens, phthalates, synthetic colors and fragrances, all those chemicals damage not only our skin, but also the entire system as well as the environment.

Protect yourself from EMF, electromagnetic fields are messing with our own body magnetism our nervous system is strongly affected by it. If you’ve ever spend too much in front of the screen you know what I’m talking about.

Also stay away from toxic cook wear like Teflon and microwave ovens. Use little plastic and never heat it in high temperatures. Aadil recommends to stay away from C.A.T.S 😊. Caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and sugar, those are stimulants and we try to calm the nervous system with our practice, stimulants do the opposite, they leave us agitated.

In the world we live in it’s not always easy to make the perfect choices, with another quote from Aadil : “Do what you can and smile at the rest”, making small changes one at the time is easier if you feel overwhelmed by all the “don’ts”. Our bodies are miraculous systems and positive thoughts and feelings of gratitude are proven to be as important as eating well.

If you are interested in how to protect yourself from EMF, this is a great resource: www.emfacademy.com

Another page on good health is www.naturalnews.com

For a chemical free household at Purna Yoga we use Essential Oils, just talk to one of our teachers or visit a free lecture to learn about the benefits of the oils.  

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