Purna Core is a 75 min class combining yoga and core training. It will make you feel energised, stronger and ready for the day!

Your core supports and stabilizes your body and is one of the building blocks of good physical wellbeing. A strong core allows you to move in any direction as well as to have proper balance. Strong deep abdominal muscles help you to keep your spine upright improving your posture and helping you e.g. with back-pain. 

The class follows the 4 Pillars of Purna Yoga and in the asana practice it will offer you movements to strengthen the core muscles following the body alignment. It will start with gentle movements advancing into more powerful ones. The combination of our Purna Yoga practice with core strengthening  movements will give you the perfect balance. 

Welcome a new day with a vigorous, safe and effective practice leaving you ready for whatever your day will bring you!



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