Pranayama is also called Prakashayama™ in Purna Yoga.

You may have heard of pranayama, the breathing exercises that are connected to the practice of yoga. Prana is a form of energy and translates as ”life force”.
In our yoga, Purna Yoga™, we don’t really cultivate prana, since we don’t need the force that comes with it. Prana, or chi, which is the same energy, is needed and cultivated in marshal arts, and since that is not our practice, we cultivate the subtler energy of Prakasha (Light).

In this class you will learn the basics of pranayama with the unique Purna Yoga focus on the power of prakasha (Light). Hence Prakashayama™ is to realign your breath with the giver of breath, Divine Light.
Prakashayama increases your lung capacity, oxygenates your blood, releases stress and makes your mind calmer and more focused. Most of all it is a sacred process of enlightenment.

We will start each class with some asana that prepare the body for breathing more deeply and then end the class with prakashayama.

All levels of students are welcome.




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