Heartfull® Meditation uses active techniques to connect you to your intuition, transform scattered
thoughts to the wisdom of the heart, create a protective energetic shield around your body, and much more.

  • Meditation is just as effective as antidepressants for reducing anxiety and depression.– Johns Hopkins Research study
  • Meditation literally changes your brain, leading to persistent benefits in emotional and psychological well-being.– A longtitudinal study at Harvard University
  • People who meditated regularly for six weeks showed a boosted immune system and reduced stress.– Mind-Body Program at Emory University School of Medicine



Welcome home to yourself.

Heartfull Meditation Circle

Spring Courses 10.1- 23.5.2023 (3-month commitment)


At 18:15- 19:15 ONLINE COURSE with Eva

At 19:15- 20:15 STUDIO COURSE with Nicola

In our meditation classes we try to create a safe space where you can learn, share and deepen the connection to yourself. Because of the nature of meditation we’d like to have a commited group for either one of the courses. That way you will get to work with yourself on a more profound level. This is for new and for practiced meditators.

A regular meditation can help to improve your sleep, relieve depression, or/and process grief or anxiety. It will also help you let go of fears, anger, frustration and overwhelm, emotions which are very prevalent in our time.

The Love you seek is within…. It is You! -Savitri



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80€ per month autopay

This is for you if you don’t want to become a member or buy a package but only do the meditation.

If you have sports vouchers or you prefer to pay in a different way that is also possible. Just send me an email.

For the above we will set up an automatic autopay online so you don’t need to worry about monthly payments.


Please register for the course as unpaid or sign up with your membership or package. You then will receive an email on how to pay the fee.


Heartfull Meditation techniques are also taught in every Purna Yoga class. In addition we are organising regular meditation courses, follow us on facebook and instagram for updates.


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