Leena, teacher at Purna Yoga Helsinki

“I didn’t just get a yoga certificate, I got a whole new life!”

Prima S., Helsinki / Amsterdam

I’m very inspired by the way Purna Yoga Helsinki upholds the standard of yoga teaching in the midst of other trendy yoga styles. They teach more than just asanas, but yoga as a way of living.

Mari S., Vantaa

“I didn’t come to yoga to find joy, but often I left the studio humming or singing and feeling happy and free.”

Tiina P., Helsinki

“I love the Heartfull Meditation we always do in the beginning. Opening my heart before the practice makes me so grounded and enjoying the asanas feels light and easy.”

Nick M., Copenhagen / Helsinki

“Purna yoga – A place like home, not just a studio”

Says Nicola, the owner of Purna Yoga Helsinki

”Balance and happiness in life comes from the feeling of being complete. My dream was to create a place where every move, every breath we take here at Purna Yoga Helsinki actually takes us towards this goal of finding a sense of wholeness – the feeling of being complete”,


Fredrikinkatu 67 E 42 | 00100 Helsinki
info(at)purnayoga.fi | p. +358 50 3533970

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