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Become a Member – Purna Yoga Video Library

Why becoming a member has some great benefits

Why a dynamic form of meditation

…might be a better choice for new meditators

Guru Purnima – Honouring your teacher

Guru Purnima – Is a tradition celebrated in India as the honouring of the guru, the mentor or the teacher

Joogafestival 2021 – Join the teaser

Why should you choose a complete yoga system? Purna Yoga Teaser  

Moving from pity to self-love

I want to tell you a story about a little girl. A girl which was separated from her mother at two years and put into the well cared home of her grandmother.

The Evolution of Consciousness

*Evolution of forms is merely an outward process of evolution; the evolution of consciousness is a process of the inner evolution. -Sri Aurobindo

12 Benefits Of Taking Cold Showers Every Day

As part of a Purna yoga lifestyle I wanted to share with you the amazing benefits of cold showers.

I wish I would’ve known – about birth

There is one story I always tell when I teach a birth preparation class for couples. And it is this one

A Yoga Love Story – Interview with a dedicated student

With Purna Yoga I’ve seen changes in peoples’ lives

Purna Yoga Lifestyle

Sri Aurobindo said “All life is yoga”! How can you live yoga all the time?

Yoga as an exercise?

In yoga today, we take a small part of the about 10.000 year old philosophy,

Lover of Wisdom

“The only true happiness comes from squandering ourselves for a purpose”

Heartfull™ Meditation

In Purna Yoga we wish to make you whole again,

Eat well, be well

Nutrition & Lifestyle is part of your yoga practice

Color your life by Nicola Moberg

If you’ve ever visited a Purna Yoga class/studio


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