Dream sleep – Yogic tools for a restful night

Dream sleep – Yogic tools for a restful night

with Gabriel Maldonado –

24. October 2020

13:00- 16:00

We live in a sleep deprived world. In developed nations, one out of two individuals are suffering from some kind of sleep disorder. How to bring balance to our sleep? What tools does Purna Yoga offer to help with this issue?

In this 3 hour workshop, you will learn essential suggestions given by Purna Yoga to make our sleep the best possible. We will go through effective asana and pranayama to support your sleep; Heartfull Meditation to calm the mind and prepare it for a restful night, as well as a complete lecture on nutritional and lifestyle tips which are aimed at helping you whether you are currently facing sleep problems or wish to continue to sleep peacefully at night.

Understanding the importance of sleep and its effects on you as a whole will set you on a new path of helping to restore you by using the power of sleep to your advantage. Don’t miss this workshop!

Price: 55€


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