TYÖPAJAT – Purna Yoga Helsinki


with Nicola Moberg

Friday 24. May 2019

18:15 – 20:15

Each labour and birth is unique and being prepared is half way
done. This course will give mom and dad confidence and security. You will learn how to stay active and positively involved during labour for a beautiful experience of the arrival of your baby.

To support the birthing process the pelvis needs to be opened to its maximum to allow the baby to pass through. Ease of movement and certain positions will facilitate this opening with the support of the partner. We will practice different birthing positions and learn how to use the breath effectively and for best results. The couple will be taught how to use sound to stimulate the labour and help to relax. Useful tips for the birthing partner are offered so he can be of natural assistance.

You will gain

Understanding of the baby’s birth journey through the pelvis and the psychosomatic mechanisms for releasing positive birth hormones

Ease of movement to make full use of gravity

Effective use of breath and sound

Relaxing through contractions and between contractions

Releasing birthing muscles and perineum to make way for the baby and stretch gently without fear

Birthing breathing. Creating a body memory for ‘exhale pushing’, or ‘birthing lightly’ without strain

Transforming fear into calm power in the transition to motherhood, using yoga resources to tap into the inner body wisdom accessible to all women


Group of 3 – 5 couples, 85€ per couple

For 2 couples, 105€ per couple

Private for 1 couple, 120€

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BEGINNERS WORKSHOP – Looking for a more balanced and happy life?

with Nicola Moberg

Saturday 4. May 15:00 – 18:00

Sunday 5. May 2019 18:00 – 20:00

Burnout, stress, exhaustion, tiredness all are very present in our lives. One day you decide this needs to change.

”Balance and happiness in life comes from the feeling of being complete. My dream was to create a place where every move, every breath we take here at Purna Yoga Helsinki actually moves us towards this goal of finding a deeper state of peace and the connection to our hearts – the feeling of becoming whole again, being complete”, – Nicola

Many life’s have been transformed using the teachings of Purna Yoga. So why don’t you join us on a journey towards true health and well-being – by recognizing not only your physical, but also your mental, emotional and spiritual needs – your complete self.

Who is this workshop for?

Beginners and everyone who joins weekly classes, who wants to dive into to the completeness of this system called Purna Yoga in a caring and friendly environment.

The price for the weekend is 95€.

Beginners workshop offer: add a 8x card to the price above and get both days plus the 8x card (valid 3 months) for 199€.



with Eva Kiviluoma + Carmen Loreanza

Sunday 19. May, Saturday 25. May and Sunday 2. June 2019

3 – part Workshop Series to learn tools to support your menstrual cycle naturally

Experiencing Menstrual Well-being may sound like a dream; we get that!
Sometimes it’s challenging to feel right about your period in a world where we rather learn to be ashamed of our body and its natural processes. And yes, it’s especially hard if each menstruation brings pain and discomfort.

But it is possible to have a more positive menstrual experience, naturally.

While it’s true that there are no magic nor instant remedies, there’s A LOT you can do to gradually improve the relationship with your cycle and ultimately with your body.

We will meet up 3 times with different topics & natural toolboxes, learn more here!


with Tove Palmgren

Saturday 25. May 2019

15:00 – 18:00

Join me for a workshop that will not only make you walk away taller but that also will affect your breathing and make your entire body feel more open.
Through the use of both breath and intention, you will be given tools to take the work to a deeper level than the physical, so that you can release what you’ve been holding on to on both a physical, mental and spiritual level making the difference in how you feel even greater.
Since gravity constantly pulls on our spines and compresses the discs, in this workshop we will counteract that by creating space and allowing circulation to flow between the vertebrae.

The series is done while hanging in traction, and therefore is not suitable for those who have high blood pressure, a seizure condition, a history of stroke, a heart condition, glaucoma, acid reflux or hiatal hernia. If you fall into any of those categories, or will be on your period or are pregnant, please avoid this class.

Price: 60 €
Spaces are limited to 16, so sign up now! The easiest way to do that is through MindBody.


with Gabriel Maldonado

Sunday 26. May 2019

12:30 – 15:30

One of the areas of the body that most of us notice stiffness is the area of the neck, shoulders and upper back. Our current lifestyle, excessive sitting, posture and typing in computers has put a lot of burden in our shoulders, while the feeling of carrying more responsibility that we can handle makes also our upper body get into a defensive state.

In this workshop, you will learn practical physical tools to deal with everyday stiffness in this part of your body. Expect simple and effective movements that applied on a regular basis will transform tightness into more space, and the feeling of being burdened into empowerment. For this purpose we will use Purna Yoga Asana, Yoga Wall work, prop work plus simple techniques of Heartfull Meditation to do the necessary inner work for transformation.

All levels welcome!

Price: 50€


with Eva Kiviluoma

Saturday 1. June 2019

15:00 – 18:00

Whenever we are upright; walking or standing, gravity pushes on us. The entire weight of our upper body is resting on our hips every single day. No wonder our hips feel tired, tight and tense.
In this workshop you will learn the Purna Yoga Hip series, which is a series of 6 movements designed to release and balance your hips. We will do this series with the help of the Yoga Wall to lubricate and rejuvenate your hips – this is very healing and transforming.This workshop will give you the tools to transform the current state of your hips and create a feeling of balance and freedom in your hips in your daily life. The Hip Series will make you walk with a light and happy step and release any tension in your lower back.
Price: 50€


with Nicola Moberg

Next one in August

15:00 – 18:00

In the world we are living in today, birth has become mystic and scary, over-medicalized and intervention-based. While it is the most natural experience a woman can have, she has lost touch with her inner guide. Mom learns how to relieve pain with nitrous oxide, pethidine or epidural, but she is not taught how to cope with the birth journey herself.

This workshop is for those moms who want to empower themselves to take the lead in their birth story. To build a connection to her body, to focus her mind and trust her heart. Gaining the ability to stay calm in the midst of emotional upheaval with the tools which reside in every one of us.

You learn simple meditation techniques based on Heartfull™ Meditation, you learn how to use your breath and the effect of sound. Relaxation during pregnancy is a key concept for a nurtured nervous system which will help you to stay in control during and after the birth.

The Birth partner preparation course is a way to include the father in the birthing process while this workshop is focused on the mother.

Price: 50€
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