Open Shoulders Workshop

Open Shoulders Workshop

with Gabriel Maldonado –

Sunday 13. October 2019 13:00- 16:00

Our neck, shoulders and upper back can hold stiffness which most of us experience at one time or another. The current lifestyle, excessive sitting, posture and typing on computers has put a lot of burden on our shoulders, while the feeling of carrying more responsibility that we can handle makes our whole upper body go into a defensive state.

In this workshop, you will learn practical tools to deal with everyday stiffness on a physical level. Expect simple and effective movements that applied on a regular basis will transform tightness into more space, and the feeling of being burdened into empowerment.

For this purpose we will use Purna Yoga Asana (including openers and backbends) Yoga Wall work, prop work plus simple techniques of Heartfull Meditation to do the necessary inner work for transformation.

All levels welcome!

Price: 50€



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