Free Ayurveda Class + Ayurveda Autumn Detox

Free Ayurveda Class + Ayurveda Autumn Detox

with Justine Cederberg –

Saturday 7.9.2019 15:00- 16:00 + 17:00- 18:00


Saturday 7. September 2019 at 15:00- 16:00

In this free class learn about diet, lifestyle and seasons according to Ayurveda. Ask questions how an Ayurveda consultation can benefit your yoga practice, your health and your overall well-being.



Saturday 7. September 2019 at 17:00- 18:00

Prepare your body for autumn season! A deep body cleanse protects your body during the transition of the seasons.

An Ayurvedic Cleanse:

Restores a sense of calm to the mind and the nervous system.

Supports mental, spiritual & emotional grounding.

Nurtures immune system & skin.

Supports sound sleep.

Promotes regular digestion.

“Two weeks after the ghee detox, I have enjoyed the feeling of zero craving for sweet treats, coffee or alcohol. I have been able to keep calm on situations where I used to be annoyed. I can let go of over future thoughts and live in the present. I’m really looking forward to experience further effects of the detox.” — MERI

For this class please sign up and pay directly to Justine HERE


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