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2 – 5 January, 30 January – 2 February and 13 – 16 February 2020


Find out about our excellent training offered by the Purna Yoga College and Tove Palmgren in this 90 min. teaser, at Purna Yoga Helsinki on September 4th at 18:30.

Bring yourself in comfortable clothing and any questions you may have!

You’ll meet the teacher, ask questions, peek into the 400+ page manual and hear about the structure of the training and what to expect to learn.

This training will benefit not only your teaching, but your whole life.

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Our teacher training has been approved by Yoga Alliance, which is a world wide organisation setting standards for teacher trainings and involved in the continued education of teachers. Everyone who successfully graduates from our training is eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance as a RYT200 instructor. Being registered with the YA is often a prerequisite for teaching abroad.

The course is taught in English by 2.000-Hour trained Purna Yoga instructor Tove Palmgren

For any questions and to sign up, please get in touch by email: tove(at)tovepalmgren.com OR nicola(at)purnayoga.fi


The Purna Yoga College offers the most holistic and detailed teacher training available. Created by world-renowned yoga masters Aadil Palkhivala and Savitri, the college teaches how to live and teach yoga and meditation from the heart. Learn asana, pranayama, meditation, nutrition, applied philosophy, anatomy and physiology, speaking and presentation skills, teaching methodology and class control, adjustments, basic therapeutics, business and marketing, ethics, and much more. A 300 page manual written by Aadil Palkhivala is included in the price.

At the 200-hour Level you gain the knowledge, confidence and awareness that is essential for becoming an alignment-based yoga teacher. The course covers the foundational curriculum of Purna Yoga—alignment-based asana and pranayama, meditation, nutrition and applied yogic philosophy. You will emerge with the ability to teach a variety of classes; the confidence, caring and compassion that keeps your students safe and growing; and the inspiration that makes yoga a powerful tool for transformation. Be prepared to fall in love with your own personal yoga and meditation practice as well, since Purna Yoga awakens the joy of living from the heart.

As you learn the foundational curriculum, you will also explore:

  • Anatomy and physiology of asana and pranayama
  • How to see and understand bodies and give hands-on adjustments
  • The benefits and contraindications of asana and the use of props
  • How to deal with student’s injuries and health conditions
  • The energetics of centering your mind and awakening your intuition
  • Delivery, presentation and class control, especially in teaching beginners
  • How nutrition and a yogic lifestyle affects your students, your teaching and life
  • Ethics, business, and the professional and energetic boundaries of teaching
  • How to apply timeless yogic philosophy to your classes and your daly life


Applicants must have an established asana practice (at least one year of 2 – 3 classes a week in alignment-based yoga – any yoga system that emphasizes the alignment of the body in asana – prior to beginning the program. The strength of this foundation will support the entirety of the Teacher Training program.

What previous students say:

I loved and enjoyed this teacher training to the fullest. As trainees we were guided by true experts and through their compassionate teaching I feel we could grow as a person and understand yoga on a deeper level, rather then just know how to teach a yoga class. The way the course was structured was just excellent. I feel very grateful for this wonderful opportunity having been part of this training. It was a gift indeed and so much fun!

Nicola Moberg, Helsinki, graduate of the course 2012

Purna Yoga Helsinki 200-hour teacher training course is truly a life changing experience. If you ever have been thinking about doing a yoga teacher training course, I urge you to take this one! Taking this course will be the best thing you will do in your life. You will learn so much about all aspects of Yoga, deepen your own personal practice, learn amazing things about human the body and mind and challenge yourself in such a wonderful way. The course will cover all aspects of teaching from asana practice to meditation, nutrition and lifestyle and so much more.

Tove is always there to help and support you throughout the course and help you with any issues you might have. She knows more about yoga than any person I have ever met! This course is the most holistic and comprehensive there is. Don’t miss it!

Liisa Hanén, Studio owner in Fuengirola, Spain, graduate of the course 2012

”In my personal experience the 200-hour Teacher training of The College of Purna Yoga in Helsinki is a life changer, of course if one is open to allow it to do its magic.
I have noticed a big change in my Yoga, meditation and everyday life after completing this training.
It offered me all the tools to change myself – and through that my life – towards the very best version; happy, heartfull and fulfilled.
As a 200-hour Yoga teacher training I feel it provides the students with very profound knowledge of asana; anatomy, safety and adjustments, meditation, nutrition and philosophy.
I warmly recommend this training to anyone interested in developing as a student of Yoga, interested in making Yoga a profession or simply wanting to learn valuable tools for living a happy life!”

Eva Kiviluoma, Helsinki, graduate of the 2015 course

“After years of trying different foundation yoga training programs, I found that this course is the finest of its class. It is designed is such a way that it helps you to bring the best of you whether you want to learn how to teach yoga or deepen your practice. This isn’t just a course in which yoga is explained to you, but one that you actively participate and learn essential tools for life.

What makes the course so special is that it includes philosophy, nutrition, meditation and in the asana part you will not only learn poses, but adjustments and how to fit your teaching to your student’s needs. Likewise, Tove’s integrity and experience make of this learning process a wonderful experience”

Gabriel Maldonado, Helsinki/Santiago de Chile, graduate of the 2015 course


24 -27 April 2020

Birthlight is holistic and it aims to convey a shared feeling of celebration and enjoyment of pregnancy, birth and beyond. All babies deserve a warm and loving welcome into this world!

Who is this course for?

The course is open to applicants with a recognised yoga teaching qualification, ideally from a 200h course.

Who is the teacher?

Birthlight tutor, Kirsteen Ruffell – Read about Kirsteen

Yoga for pregnancy and birth Part 1 & 2

This Diploma course is taught in two parts: Part 1 is the Foundation course and Part 2 completes the Diploma. Part 1 and Part 2 are taught separately with the home study period between them to allow students to complete course assignments.

Beyond safe and competent practice, the course aims to relay the ability to use yoga for helping pregnant women through their individual journeys, while fostering a supportive group atmosphere in which long lasting friendships may blossom among mothers to be.

How is this course assessed?

Part 1 is tutor assessed by means of a practical. During the home study that follows the course, coursework consists of a worksheet including an essay, two case-studies, four class observations and a review. The Perinatal Yoga Diploma is awarded after assessment of coursework and a final practical on the Part 2 course.

What qualification is gained on this course?

The Diploma in Perinatal Yoga is the full teaching qualification recognised for purposes of insurance and professional accreditation and meets the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance UK.


Perinatal I 735€,

Perinatal II 385€,

Postnatal 385€

Discounted price for all three courses 1.451€ instead of 1.550€, EARLY BIRD PRICE for all three courses 1.290€ to be paid before the 24th of January 2020



This 2-day short course imparts understanding of postnatal recovery and a progressive set of yoga practices from birth to rejoining general yoga classes. The Postnatal Yoga course is recommended to qualified yoga teachers, who wish to offer postnatal yoga classes to new mothers. The course includes some interactive practices with babies but the main focus is on the use of yoga to promote maternal well-being.

Who is the course for?

The course is open to:

  • Qualified yoga teachers, who wish to offer postnatal yoga classes to new mothers
  • Baby Yoga teachers
  • Baby massage teachers
  • Maternity and baby health professionals

A teaching qualification in yoga is recommended but not mandatory.

Course outline

The course equips participants with selected progressive yoga practices to help women to return safely and efficiently to fitness after childbirth. Practices are suited to individual abilities as well as to personal experiences of birth and early mothering. Birthlight has pioneered postnatal yoga training since the 1990s with a special expertise in this area. Birthlight postnatal yoga ideally complements maternity care. The yoga taught on this course ranges from gentle and restorative practices to dynamic flow sequences and can benefit women new to yoga as well as advanced yoga practitioners.

Birthlight postnatal micro-movements act upon the neuroendocrine system, helping new mothers to integrate their transition to motherhood. It also includes simple therapeutic practices to alleviate common ailments that do not warrant medical treatment yet compromise day-to-day quality of life for many mothers. The course includes some interactive practices with babies but the main focus is on the mothers’ well-being.

The special features of the Birthlight Postnatal yoga course are as follows:

  • Birthlight offers an original set of practices of deep pelvic floor toning and ‘core strength’ micro-movements that are effective at any point from birth on-wards
  • All practices are suitable for mothers after Caesarean births
  • Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga are brought together to ensure a solid foundation for well-being as a new mother
  • The course imparts an understanding of how Asanas can be adapted progressively to ensure optimal spinal alignment through the postnatal year, from supine, raised sitting, all fours and prone positions, to classic sitting, kneeling and standing postures
  • The course includes ‘off the mat’ yoga practices that new mothers can use in their daily lives while caring for their babies.
  • The course imparts unique Birthlight adaptations of classic yoga practices as flow sequences, dynamic or relaxing walks and interactive fun stretches involving babies.

How is this course assessed?

This course is tutor assessed by means of a simple practical and some home study. Coursework consists of a worksheet and a case study (minimum of 4 sessions). It should be submitted within six months following the course.

What qualification is gained on this course?

On successful completion of the practical assessment and the coursework, students obtain a Certificate of Training in Postnatal Yoga. Qualified yoga teachers who complete this course successfully are then qualified to teach postnatal yoga classes for new mothers with or without their babies, from birth onwards.

Perinatal Yoga Diploma holders gain the status of Birthlight Practitioners in Perinatal Yoga after completing the Postnatal short course.

Certified Birthlight Yoga for Maternity Professionals Teachers Level 2 gain the status of Birthlight Practioner in Birthlight Yoga for Maternity Professionals after completing the Postnatal short course.

Price: 385€


Purna Yoga College Helsinki/Bellevue 500-Hour Program

Next training starting in July 2020, details coming soon.




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