Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnant and looking for a yoga class? Pregnancy yoga is offered every Monday at 12:00, Wednesday at 19:00 and Friday at 18:00. You can join anytime in your first and second trimester for the Prenatal Yoga 1&2 class and in your second and third trimester the Prenatal Yoga 2&3 class.

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise during pregnancy; a gentle, safe means of keeping the body toned and supple without strain, of keeping aches and pains away and energy flowing, of relaxing mind and body, and preparing for the physical demands of birth – and motherhood itself.

2&3 TRIMESTER CLASS (14 – 40 weeks) not appropriate for 1st trimester

In the last two trimester there is a great focus on supporting the preparation for labor. But most of all the emphasis is on preventive care and laying the best possible foundation in the transition to parenthood. Each pregnancy is unique and special attention is given to each new mother, whether she is having her first baby or she is a busy mother already.

You will learn techniques to relax, re-energize, center yourself and connect with your baby. You will be able to do both breathing exercises and physical movements to relieve discomfort, move safely, and position both yourself and your baby optimally. Pregnancy Yoga is gentle and safe for all women, whether new to Yoga or with years of practice.

Second and third trimester practice (14 – 40 weeks)

  • Open the chest for deeper breathing
  • Lift the breastbone to make more room for your baby
  • Stretch the legs wide to exercise the pelvic muscles
  • Hold the spine erect for free flow of energy
  • Steady the emotions
  • Centre yourself to cope with changes
  • Access the deep relaxation that lies within you

The movements in this type of yoga are unforced and rhythmical. They are carefully designed to build up awareness, stamina and strength in certain muscle groups, while encouraging stretching and relaxation in others. The class is always balanced with activity and relaxation.

Practical advice for birth preparation and postnatal care are introduced in the second and third trimester.

Sign up for the pregnancy yoga class here, or email Nicola at nicola(at) for more information or to sign up.

1&2 TRIMESTER CLASS (4 – 28/30 weeks) not appropriate for 3rd trimester

The time between the eighth and fourteenth weeks is a delicate one, when it is particularly important not to overdo it. During that time it is best to avoid all vigorous exercise, even if you already practice yoga. This class is specifically design for that time.

The most important qualities needed during pregnancy are awareness and relaxation, both of which can be cultivated via breathing. It is never too early to start with breathing and relaxation techniques. This class also includes gentle stretches and benefits the mother who is still comfortable lying on her back, until about the 28th – 30th week of pregnancy.

First and second trimester practice (4 – 30 weeks)

  • Breathing
  • Containment
  • Gentle stretches
  • Alignment of spine
  • Steady the emotions
  • Center yourself to cope with changes
  • Access the deep relaxation that lies within you

Please be aware that not all yoga classes are appropriate for pregnant women. If becoming pregnant, consider changing to a prenatal class. Factors such as too much heat, overstretching, deeper twists, bandhas, etc. can possibly be dangerous to mother and baby.

Sign up for the pregnancy yoga class here or email nicola(at) for more information or to sign up.

Nicola also offers a Birth Partner Preparation workshop:

Preparing for birth with yoga

To support the birthing process the pelvis needs to be opened to its maximum to allow the baby to pass through. Certain positions will facilitate this opening with the support of the partner. In this small group event we will practice different birthing positions and how to use the breath effectively and for best results. The couple will be taught how to use sound to stimulate the labour and help to relax. This class will also help the father to understand his role during the birthing process and how to keep his body safe while assisting the birthing mother. The class is balanced with theory and practice and open to any questions.

For the joy of the arrival of your baby!


Group of 3 – 4 couples, 85€ per couple

For 2 couples, 105€ per couple

Private for 1 couple, 120€

​Please contact for more information!

Postnatal Yoga for New Moms

The postnatal recovery period is also referred to as the fourth trimester of pregnancy. This is the time for transition into motherhood, bonding with your baby and slowly allowing the body to recover from the delivery. Gentle exercise during this time is essential for the body to regain balance and strength.

The postnatal yoga class offers recovery stretches combined with deep breathing and small, slow movements. The importance of postnatal recovery exercise cannot be emphasized enough. Regaining posture, closing up the body after giving birth, preventing stress incontinence and womb prolapse are only some of the benefits of postnatal yoga.

For the first three months after giving birth, the priority of the class is on realignment of the spine, strengthening the pelvic muscles and opening the shoulders. Plenty of rest and relaxation is also a key focus at this time. From month three onwards the progression to more dynamic yoga can begin.

Our Postnatal Yoga class for new moms with baby run every Thursday from 13:30 – 14:30. You can drop in anytime with a previous reservation online. Spaces are limited!

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