STUDIO ROUTINE – Purna Yoga Helsinki

STUDIO ROUTINE – Purna Yoga Helsinki

In order to make everyone feel comfortable, we ask you to follow this few simple rules.

Arrive on time

  • Please arrive on time for classes. Come at least 10 minutes before beginning of the class, so that we can start on time.
  • The door will be opened 20 minutes before the class starts unless there are only 15 minutes in between classes the door will be opened 10 minutes before the class starts.
  • If you are late for class, please wait until the meditation and mantra are done before ringing the doorbell, which will usually be around 15-20 minutes. We will then open the door, so that you can join in. If the front gate is open, you are more than welcome to come upstairs and wait at the door, and our teacher will let you in just before the asana begins.

Mobile phones

Please keep your mobile phone during the class on silent mode or switch it off and leave it in the changing room. Note that the studio door remains closed during the whole class, so all your items will be safe.


It is very important to prepare the body before the practice of yoga. In this regard, avoid eating a big meal at least 2 hours before the beginning of the class, so that your practice can be done joyfully and lightly. Small and healthy snacks, in case you are very hungry, are perfect during this time!

Health issues

Please inform us if you have an injury or any other health issues, so that we can adjust our individual teaching to your needs.


We truly enjoy having a very diverse community of students from many countries around the world, which brings people together and makes the yoga practice richer. It’s for this reason that whenever non-finnish speakers are present, our classes will be conducted in English. Please note that whenever Nicola, Gabriel or Paola are teaching classes will always be in English.

Everyone’s comfort

We would highly appreciate if you don’t wear perfume or any other strong scents when coming to class. It can make breathing very difficult and cause a headache to someone else.

Respect the neighbours

If you come by bike, that’s wonderful! If so, please make sure to leave the bike in the back yard together with the other bikes.



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