INSPIRATION – Purna Yoga Helsinki

INSPIRATION – Purna Yoga Helsinki


My Purna Yoga experience

When I came to the Purna Yoga Helsinki studio for the first time about six years ago, I had decided to fulfill my dream from many years back of doing yoga and meditation. I had read Tove Palmgren’s interview about Purna Yoga on a magazine and thought that this was the right yoga for me. As I had very little confidence in my body and many pains, I was interested in the healing and spiritual aspects of Purna Yoga.
The studio was cozy, it had beautiful old windows, there were fresh flowers and candles, and the students were provided pads and bricks in bright colours. Practicing with an English speaking teachers was really easy even though I was quite nervous of speaking English. All the teachers in Purna Yoga Helsinki are kind, respectful, and clear. You are never forced to do anything, but little by little you learn to listen to your body and know it deeply and you grow in your practice. As Purna Yoga teaches you to find joy, it at the same time lets you find the joy in your own pace. I did not come to yoga to find joy, I did not want to manipulate my feelings in any way, but sometimes I left the studio humming or singing and feeling happy and free.
For me the kindness of the teachers and the fact that they don’t force you but let you keep your own pace have been the important reasons for always coming back to this studio. Last summer I sat on my mat in the studio watching the newly painted yellow walls and realized that this is a really special place and a really special type of yoga and it was doing me good. I also enjoyed Nicola’s classes where did partner exercises. I wanted to know why I felt like this, so I applied to the Purna Yoga teacher training which I started last fall. – Mari S. Vantaa

It is so difficult to describe Purna Yoga Helsinki in one word, or even a single sentence, as everyone who has been there can testify it really is a very special place indeed. When trying to think of a single word, my very first feeling was for the word ‘home’. I recently heard the writer James Hollis describe home as a journey, rather than being a fixed place, which I resonate with deeply. Everyone who goes to the studio, students and teachers, is on their own journey, and the studio itself (at least for me) provided a place of congregation and deep sense of community. At the same time, as soon as I am on my mat there, sitting with closed eyes, I am alone with myself, an increasingly rare and precious occasion; and here I find my true home – the one I carry around. – Nick M. Copenhagen/Helsinki

I am so grateful to have had Nicola as one of my primary teachers since I started practicing Purna Yoga 2 years ago. Her warm sincerity and casual approach offer an experience that integrates respect, inspiration, and openness. In this atmosphere of friendly teaching, I’ve felt completely free to explore my personal and momentary limits within the boundlessness of my yoga practice. 

I appreciate the balance of variety and focus she brings into her classes — each class feeling new as we work on a different place the body, strengthening and opening the area or specific muscles. Her incorporation of new techniques to complement the fundamental practice, and introducing props in fresh ways continually invigorates the practice.

I once went to a prenatal yoga class with Nicola – even though I wasn’t pregnant – and was amazed to connect with a different hue of experience to what I would receive in the regular asana practices… this quietude of connection to feminine cycles. It’s been a blessing and a beautiful experience to receive guidance from this wonderful woman <3   Tiina G. Helsinki

I came to Purna Yoga more than 5 years ago. This is by far the best yoga studio I have been to. I’m very inspired by the way they uphold the standard of yoga teaching in the midst of other trendy yoga styles. All the teachers have been through intensive training, and have so much knowledge and love to share. They teach more than just asanas, but yoga as a way of living. I highly recommend Purna Yoga because I have seen the transformation in myself after these years! – Prima S. Helsinki/Amsterdam

Not only the Purna Yoga Studio Helsinki itself but also the teachers are inviting you to fully arrive in a deep state of presence.

The studio in the center of Helsinki is very clean, offers gender-seperated changing rooms with storage space for your bag, shoes, etc., filtered water, a guest toilet and a welcoming atmosphere. After changing and getting ready for class every student could use the Yoga equipment offered by the studio (mats, blocks, belts, etc.).

Exceptional to me was the beginning of the lesson which started with a mantra which was repeated 3 times – a one to two minute experience of polyphonic unison of OM continued by an about five minute meditation. It not only helped by really getting rid of the thoughts which you were still carrying with you over the day but also supported the feeling of “arriving to presence”. After this intense beginning followed a 70 to 80 minute intense, relieving and relaxing Purna Yoga sitting, stretching and standing poses followed by hanging poses. The wrap up of the lesson was again a “Gayatri” mantra – a slightly different one which supported the mind calming fully down and take the positivity, energy and love with you through your whole day.

I can recommend Purna Yoga Helsinki – and especially the teacher Nicola – to anyone who is interested in physically demanding and still relaxing and safe Yoga style which is instructed by well trained teachers who care for your body and your health as much as you should. 🙂 – Valentina D. Vienna



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