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Beginners classes guide you slowly through many basic yoga asanas. While it is suitable for beginners, it is also for those working with an injury (tell the teacher first!) and more seasoned practitioners. Many advanced students return again and again to a beginners class to work on the finer points of alignment in basic postures. Focus will be on safety and alignment, and making the beginner more comfortable and familiar with common yoga postures, series and sequences.


Intermediate classes assume a working knowledge of yoga. Your teacher expects the student to understand and execute the basic points of alignment, even if modifications are taken in it. The postures are taught with refinement on the basics, to begin to work with the energetics of the asana. The class might proceed a little bit quicker than a Beginners class but time will still be spent working in each pose (unless in a Flow class).


If you are a seasoned practitioner looking for a class in which to grow in all aspects of your practice then the advancing class is for you. This class is physically more challenging and requires a foundational knowledge of the asana. Opened to experienced students with instructor permission and those who have graduated from our 200-hour teacher training.


A mix of everything from above! In classes which are marked as “All” every level of practitioner is welcome.



Rise and Shine with this 75 minute class! Welcome the new day with a vigorous, safe and effective practice that will leave you ready for your whatever your day will bring. Early morning is one of the greatest times of the day to practice yoga, since the mind is more quiet, and the body, first through gentle and then powerful movements, will make you feel truly alive! Come and join this practice together with our most dedicated students!


Learn the fundamentals of a beginning yoga practice, enjoy the shapes of the yoga postures as you stretch and strengthen your body. Become familiar with the Sun Salutations called Surya Namaskar, our Purna Yoga Hip Opening Series and The Purna Yoga Morning or Evening Routine while you release tension along your spine. Your instructor will go over safety points for all the poses and share with you the benefits while keeping you safe and happily answer any questions you may have about your yoga practice!


The G’Morning practice will include the elements that make for a balanced practice. Usually we work on one of the routines that warms the body. The practice includes a series of standing poses to develop strength and balance. We prepare the body for inversions and use the yoga wall. We may spend some time to detoxify the body and releasing the spine with twists as well as opening the body to feel more alive and joyous with back bends! Some days we work on all, on other days we will focus on some specific asanas. Concluding with a lovely Shavasana so that your body and mind can integrate the information you have just give it, you’ll receive the maximum benefit from the class. All levels of practitioners will benefit from this class as different instructions are given to each level of experience.


All our classes are Purna Yoga – “Purna” meaning complete we get a better understanding of the wholeness of the practice. The refinement and nuances of the yoga poses are explored deeper thereby bringing greater awareness and energetic flow into the body. Poses are held for a bit longer as our instructors guide you to feel areas in the body that are ready to be awakened and areas that are over working which can be relaxed in an effort to bring grace and balance into your practice and life. This class includes more of Heartfull™ Meditation and applied philosophy to create a complete practice. You will also benefit from tips for lifestyle and nutritional choices.


With your mind focused and your heart open enjoy this stronger practice as you progressively move through a series of carefully orchestrated yoga poses flowing with your breath. When you harmoniously move in and out of the yoga poses a sense of timelessness, strength and grace fills you, letting go of the ego. Your instructor will give you the necessary instructions throughout the practice to keep your body safe, your mind focused and your heart open during the more intense practice.

The power flow class will include many different inversions, so please be aware of any contraindications like epilepsy or a recent stroke. This class may also not be for you if you suffer from Glaucoma or had a recent eye surgery. Also, high blood pressure and any heart conditions, acid reflux and hiatal hernia are contraindicated. As well as if you are menstruating.

The ropes work by using gravity as a natural form of resistance, causing the body to open much further than in regular yoga practice. Like the bats and sloths hanging upside down, this releases tension from the joints and deeply stretches the entire muscular-skeletal body. Rope poses are especially beneficial for spine health through use of traction to relieve pressure from compressed vertebral discs. The yoga wall ropes are also used as support in standing poses, twists, backbends and restoratives. They can be used to create deep opening in the organic body, which nourishes the organs, soothes the nerves, and quiets the mind.
A brief history of the yoga wall:
Did you know that bats and sloths are the only two mammals in the animal kingdom that don’t get arthritis? The one thing they both uniquely have in common is that they spend much of their lives hanging upside down. Because of this their joints escape the typical wear and tear that other creatures experience, and they suffer from less joint degeneration as a result. The rope wall is yoga’s answer to achieving some of the same healthful benefits. It was first developed by BKS Iyengar, who used it as a prop to support and intensify his asana practice. He called the rope work “yoga kurunta,” which means “yoga puppetry.” Purna Yoga – Purna Yoga co-founder and Yoga Master Aadil Palkhivala was one of the early adopters of The Great Yoga Wall ™. He developed and teaches the “Spinal Rejuvenation Sequence” for the Yoga Wall.



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A class in which the same group of people commit to a regular practice. The class is two hours long, and because the same group of people will be attending we can work deeper and progress more. Topics related to yoga are discussed in the class. This class is by invitation only.


This class is designed for deep relaxation. It involves gentle yoga stretches to open joints and stretch muscles, as well as restorative poses, breathing and guided imagery. The class welcomes students of all levels.


This class is aimed for students who want to enjoy a slower practice; a great practice for seniors, if you have just started or restarted your practice after an injury or a long break, or if you just want to enjoy a gentle practice in the middle of the week.


In this class we will give you what makes you happy! This end of the week session aims to start your weekend energized but rested. The Happy Friday class can either be a dynamic, a more restorative practice or a combination of the two, depending on your wishes and needs. This class is for all level of practitioners.


Introducing your children to yoga at an early age can help them learn healthy lifestyle habits and set the foundation for a great future.

Benefits of yoga for kids: Develops body awareness, Encourages self-acceptance, Builds focus and concentration, Improves mind-body coordination, Sparks creativity, Boosts confidence

We offer courses for children from 4-6 YEARS – in English


10.2 – 24.3 (no class 17.3)
7.4 – 19.5 (no class 21.4)



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Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise during pregnancy; a gentle, safe means of keeping the body toned and supple without strain, of keeping aches and pains away and energy flowing, of relaxing mind and body, and preparing for the physical demands of birth – and motherhood itself.


The time between the eighth and fourteenth weeks is a delicate one, when it is particularly important not to overdo it. During that time it is best to avoid all vigorous exercise, even if you already practice yoga. This class is specifically design for that time.
The most important qualities needed during pregnancy are awareness and relaxation, both of which can be cultivated via breathing. It is never too early to start with breathing and relaxation techniques. This class includes gentle stretches and helps to connect to the baby, it benefits all mothers from 1st to 3rd trimester.

All trimester practice
• Breathing
• Containment
• Gentle stretches
• Alignment of spine
• Steady the emotions
• Center yourself to cope with changes
• Access the deep relaxation that lies within you

Please be aware that not all yoga classes are appropriate for pregnant women. If becoming pregnant, consider changing to a prenatal class. Factors such as too much heat, overstretching, deeper twists, bandhas, etc. can possibly be dangerous to mother and baby.

2 & 3 TRIMESTER (14 – 40 weeks)

Not appropriate for 1st trimester

In the last two trimester there is a great focus on supporting the preparation for labour. But most of all the emphasis is on preventive care and laying the best possible foundation in the transition to parenthood. Each pregnancy is unique and special attention is given to each new mother, whether she is having her first baby or she is a busy mother already.

You will learn techniques to relax, re-energize, centre yourself and connect with your baby. You will be able to do both breathing exercises and physical movements to relieve discomfort, move safely, and position both yourself and your baby optimally. Pregnancy Yoga is gentle and safe for all women, whether new to Yoga or with years of practice.

Second and third trimester practice (14 – 40 weeks)

  • Open the chest for deeper breathing
  • Lift the breastbone to make more room for your baby
  • Stretch the legs wide to exercise the pelvic muscles
  • Hold the spine erect for free flow of energy
  • Steady the emotions
  • Centre yourself to cope with changes
  • Access the deep relaxation that lies within you

The movements in this type of yoga are unforced and rhythmical. They are carefully designed to build up awareness, stamina and strength in certain muscle groups, while encouraging stretching and relaxation in others. The class is always balanced with activity and relaxation.

Practical advice for birth preparation and postnatal care are introduced in the second and third trimester.

We also offer birth preparation workshops which are held after request. For more info on the workshop check BIRTH PARTNER PREPARATION. Please send an email to for the next upcoming date.

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The postnatal recovery period is also referred to as the fourth trimester of pregnancy. This is the time for transition into motherhood, bonding with your baby and slowly allowing the body to recover from the delivery. Gentle exercise during this time is essential for the body to regain balance and strength.

The postnatal yoga class offers recovery stretches combined with deep breathing and small, slow movements. The importance of postnatal recovery exercise cannot be emphasized enough. Regaining posture, closing the body after giving birth, preventing stress incontinence and womb prolapse are only some of the benefits of postnatal yoga.

For the first three months after giving birth, the priority of the class is on realignment of the spine, strengthening the pelvic muscles and opening the shoulders. Plenty of rest and relaxation is also a key focus at that time. From month three onwards the progression to more “normal” yoga can begin.

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