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Purna Lifestyle – Experience your complete self

Sri Aurobindo said “All life is yoga”! How can we live yoga all the time? Generally, we spend an hour or two on the mat, but living, we do all the time. Therefore, everything we do in our lives is an opportunity to practice yoga. The first things I learned on my mat is to […]

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Yoga postures – Experience your complete self

In yoga today, we take a small part of the about 10.000 year old philosophy, and make something big out of it, the physical practice of yoga. Throughout the west this part is the most popular and it is the first step into yoga for many people. In the eastern culture yoga asana (posture) was […]

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Applying Yogic Philosophy – Experience your complete self

“The only true happiness comes from squandering ourselves for a purpose” – William Cowper (Poet, 1731-1800) When I first touched yogic philosophy, I contemplated on how on earth I can study myself through this vast knowledge, it seemed way beyond my reach. But there was one thing I understood and decided, the decision to be […]

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Nutrition in Purna Yoga

In Purna Yoga Nutrition & Lifestyle are one of the four pillars this system stands on. Below find some useful information on general principals, Ayurveda, Sunrider and the best of Western Nutrition. These guidelines should help to start making changes in your diet, so you benefit from your asana practice, have an easier time with […]

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Color your life by Nicola Moberg

If you’ve ever visited a Purna Yoga class/studio you probably noticed that Purna Yoga teachers always wear colorful clothing. Why do we do that? One reason because we like to enhance our own well-being while having you look at something uplifting. In one random class I once asked my students to imagine the color which […]

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