Applying Yogic Philosophy – Experience your complete self

“The only true happiness comes from squandering ourselves for a purpose” – William Cowper (Poet, 1731-1800)

When I first touched yogic philosophy, I contemplated on how on earth I can study myself through this vast knowledge, it seemed way beyond my reach. But there was one thing I understood and decided, the decision to be happy.

Thanks to my studies with the College of Purna Yoga applying yogic philosophy became more practical and I learned how to be happy for real. This is the second part of experiencing your complete self.

According to the Vedas there are four reasons for life; finding one’s life’s purpose (Dharma), the pursuit of wealth and prosperity (Artha), obtaining enjoyment from life (Kama) and Spiritual pursuit (Moksha).

Have you ever asked yourself “why am I here”? What is my purpose in this life?

If you are not clear about your purpose in life, start to find out, exploring is the beauty of it. Until you know “this is what I was born to”, enjoy looking with curiosity. If you want to buy yourself a new house, you don’t go to the first place and buy it, you look around and see what feels right, where you feel at home. It is the same with Dharma. Allow yourself the time for discovery and revelation.

How do you handle wealth? Do you love what you do?

Many years have gone by since I was in a profession I didn’t enjoy, I did it because it gave me partly the freedom I needed. Until one day I realized that I am not happy with what I do, so I left. I needed to go away to see my life from a different angel, and from there I could make new decisions. I would have never thought about becoming a teacher of yoga. And here I am, doing what I love, learning how to be abundant and taking care of every aspect of my life.

How do you enjoy life? Are they pleasures which satisfy your body, mind or spirit?

Indulging ourselves in something what we think is a pleasure gives us great satisfaction and we are temporarily content. The cup of coffee in the morning to wake up, the pleasure of staying up late, the pleasure of taking one more glass of wine. As we enjoy those things we actually only give in to what the body and the mind want.

Myself I like to indulge in those things every now and again, but I know that my soul only asks for peace, for clarity, I obtain enjoyment from a meditation or nutritious food, a good yoga practice, and a warm relationship, all these have no negative side effects. That is true pleasure!

Are you on the right path? Who do you trust and be guided in your life?

We all need to have a teacher or a mentor, someone who guides us through life. In our early days it is our parents which show us the way, later the teachers at school support us, and then we are suddenly on our own.

When my teacher who is one of the biggest yoga teachers on earth today, talks about His teacher I see a humble man, the ability to staying in a perpetual state of learning. “Herein lies the difference between mastery and stagnation”, says Aadil. “Mastery is a constant process of evolution.” And this requires to have someone to trust, someone who can help us to find our own path.

Studying yoga, is studying life, all I was ever curious about was how to live this life well. Along with the meditation from part I we have the perfect tools to experience our complete selves.

Please give me your idea on how yogic philosophy has influenced your life, just comment below.


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