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Purnajoogan 200-tunnin RYT-opettajakoulutus

alkaa 18. maaliskuuta 2015

Koulutus on Yoga Alliancen hyväksymä RYT 200 opettajakoulutus. Yoga Alliance on maailmanlaajuinen kattojärjestö, joka valvoo opettajakoulutusten laatua ja opettajien jatkokouluttautumista. Koulutuksesta hyväksytysti valmistuneilla on mahdollisuus rekisteröityä Yoga Alliance kansainväliseen joogaopettajaverkostoon, joka usein on palkkaamisperuste jos haluaa hakeutua opettamaan ulkomailla.

Kurssikieli on englanti.

Opettajana toimii Tove Palmgren

The College of Purna Yoga offers the most holistic and detailed teacher trainings available. Created by worldrenowned yoga masters Aadil Palkhivala and Savitri, the college teaches how to live and teach yoga and meditation from the heart. Learn asana, pranayama, meditation, nutrition, applied philosophy, anatomy and physiology, speaking and presentation skills, teaching methodology and class control, adjustments, basic therapeutics, business and marketing, ethics, and much more. A 300 page manual written by Aadil Palkhivala is included in the price.

At the 200-hour Level you gain the knowledge, confidence and awareness that is essential for becoming an alignment-based yoga teacher. The course covers the foundational curriculum of Purna Yoga—alignment-based asana and pranayama, meditation, nutrition and applied yogic philosophy. You will emerge with the ability to teach a variety of classes; the confidence, caring and compassion that keeps your students safe and growing; and the inspiration that makes yoga a powerful tool for transformation. Be prepared to fall in love with your own personal yoga and meditation practice as well, since Purna Yoga awakens the joy of living from the heart.

As you learn the foundational curriculum, you will also explore:

  • Anatomy and physiology of asana and pranayama
  • How to see and understand bodies and give hands-on adjustments
  • The benefits and contraindications of asana and the use of props
  • How to deal with student's injuries and health conditions
  • The energetics of centering your mind and awakening your intuition
  • Delivery, presentation and class control, especially in teaching beginners
  • How nutrition and a yogic lifestyle affects your students, your teaching and life
  • Ethics, business, and the professional and energetic boundaries of teaching
  • How to apply timeless yogic philosophy to your classes and your daly life


Applicants must have an established asana practice (at least one year of 2-3 classes a week - or equivalent - in alignment-based yoga—any yoga system that emphasizes the alignment of the body in asana) prior to beginning the program. The strength of this foundation will support the entirety of the Teacher Training program.

For any questions please get in touch either through the contact page, by email at info(at)purnayoga.fi or by phone.



18 - 22 March

15 - 19 April

13 - 17 May

10 - 14 June

08 - 12 July



The full price for the course is 3200 €. However if you pay the full tuition by the 15 January your price will be 3050 €.

A non-refundable registration fee of 250 € is payable upon registration. The registration fee is part of the full tuition.

What previous students say:

I loved and enjoyed this teacher training to the fullest. As trainees we were guided by true experts and through their compassionate teaching I feel we could grow as a person and understand yoga on a deeper level, rather then just know how to teach a yoga class. The way the course was structured was just excellent. I feel very grateful for this wonderful opportunity having been part of this training. It was a gift indeed and so much fun!

Nicola Moberg, Helsinki


The Purna Yoga Helsinki 200-hour teacher training course is truly a life changing experience. If you ever have been thinking about doing a yoga teacher training course, I urge you to take this one! Taking this course will be the best thing you will do in your life. You will learn so much about all aspects of Yoga, deepen your own personal practice, learn amazing things about human the body and mind and challenge yourself in such a wonderful way. The course will cover all aspects of teaching from asana practice to meditation, nutrition and lifestyle and so much more.

Drew is the most wonderful, compassionate and experienced teacher you can ever have, he brings unbelievable amounts of personal wisdom, knowledge and light to the course. Even during the toughest days on the course Drew managed to create a caring atmosphere and carry us all through with his humour and positive outlook. Tove is always there to help and support you throughout the course and help you with any issues you might have. She knows more about yoga than any person I have ever met! Together these remarkable teachers make this course the most holistic and comprehensive there is. Don’t miss it!

Liisa Hanén

Purna Yoga Helsinki 200-hour teaching training course 2012



Aadil B. Palkhivala, J.D., C.Y.T., A.H.S.P., Naturopath for 10 years.

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Tove Palmgren - Experienced Registeered Yoga Teacher

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